API Performance Management and Monitoring


How are the APIs you depend on performing?

Be alerted about problems and issues before they affect you or your customers

APImetrics provides a complete, end-to-end performance monitoring solution for API providers and consumers, with integrated analytics and reporting. Run reoccurring API tests, measure performance globally from different Cloud Services or from inside your firewall to measure end-to-end reliability and performance of your API.

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Get real performance metrics for the services that you use, provide or need. Monitor, Log and analyze your API usage. Run reoccurring tests,understand what drives reliability, up-time, latency and the quality of APIs you supply or depend on everyday. Our setup wizard makes new tests as simple as they can be. Save time, effort and money by picking the right API before going to market.  Tell me more >>

Developer API testing


For when HTTP-200 isn’t all ok. Test the APIs you use. Understand how fast and reliable they are and debug them quickly. Set customizable failure alerts for badly formed JSON or other unexpected results. Configure sequences of tests, understand how geography affects API performance and how real-world and cloud conditions can impact user experience. Set up tests locally, monitor globally Tell me more >>

Enterprise API test and Performance tool


Enterprise class tool with multiple user accounts, report sharing options and access to all results via our API. Schedule tests globally or run tests from inside your firewall. Get alerts for issues with your API before your customers or users notice. Provide third party dashboards and reports. Monitor and ensure that your Latency and Availability SLAs are on par with what was sold.  Tell me more >>

Client and Partner Snapshot



We use the APImetrics platform to measure performance for our developer APIs from customer/developer perspective….. Ed Schmidt – Director Developer API Program AT&T



APImetrics’ monitoring solution complements the analytics already offered by the enterprise-grade Axway 5 Suite, to control and optimize the flow of data in business-to-business interactions and communities…Mike Dayton Senior VP



Radius is proud to partner with APImetrics to deliver our API Performance Monitoring Solution … performance is an essential element for capitalizing on the growth of the Internet of Things . Anders Brown – Managing Director

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